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Is It Possible To Organize An Event Without Professional Assistance? Useful Event Planner Tips

It’s difficult to plan an event without any hitches. There will be challenges and you have to overcome them. It is easy to seek professional assistance in organizing events; however, you will derive great pleasure and earn valuable experience by hosting them on your own. Of course, you’d better take help of event apps that often come free or at a nominal price.

Event planning – start with a vision

To organize an event without any professional assistance, you need to plan it meticulously. The planning should start with a vision for the event. The goal of the event will determine the vision. Are you going to launch a product? Do you want to spread brand awareness or generate more leads?

The scale of the event is also important. Is it a gathering of the employees or clients as well? Are you targeting new customers? These answers will frame the vision.

Create your team

Yes, you need a team to organize the event. Get experienced people and take the help of an app to make the event successful. There are many event apps available for free that you can use to host your event. Use one that is customizable and allows you to connect with social media. The app must have strong analytical tools and help you gather feedback from the participants.

Get the basics ready

There are certain tasks that you can schedule with the event app like finding a venue, hiring a caterer and booking other facilities like microphone, projectors, and speakers. You can hire a contractor for providing these which will make your job easier.

Venue hunting can be done with the help of event management software as well. While selecting a venue, keep in mind the type of event you are hosting and the number of attendees you are expecting.

Engage your partners

Sponsors and vendors play a great role in making an event successful. You need to sit with them to decide the terms of sponsorship. Popular vendors can prove vital in creating a buzz around your event and get more attendees.

Engage your attendees

Use the event planning app to launch an event and get your attendees to register through it. Release information on the app regarding the topics of the event and the speakers. Excite the attendees by holding contests, asking for references and suggestions. These can be used to create more leads and increase participation.

Schedule reminders

A lot of things have to be done at the last moment like finalizing the guest list, checking on the caterer and getting the venue decorated. Use the event planning and organizing app to schedule these so that there is no chance of last-minute failures.

You don’t need professional help to host an event

If you use the app correctly, you can host events without any professional help and save a fortune. Share the responsibilities between the team members. You can keep a tab on what others are doing through the app also.

Brand your event in the right way. Create a logo and develop a tag line to attract potential participants. Create an event marketing campaign and use social media to promote it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the ideal places to advertise your event.

Use your blog to share content related to the event. SEO tools will help you to optimize the content and drive visitors there.

A comprehensive event app will help you in all the phases of event planning. Use it as an event planner and also to promote the event and engage attendees. With customizable and mobile-friendly software solution, you don’t have to spend on professional event management services to host a productive event.