Event Planning

Event Marketing Tips Any Event Planner Should Know

Nowadays, it is all about marketing and catering to your target audience. When you plan an event, it is necessary to create the right buzz among the right crowd, or else the endeavor falls flat and time, money and efforts are wasted.

That’s why you need the lucrative event marketing strategies! Although they can vary depending on the type of event, here are some basic ones that come in useful – just take a look:

Send Out Press Releases

These press releases are an excellent way to catch the attention of people you can help further your event goals. With a formal press release, you invite local media to be a part of your event, while piquing interest of influencers, new supporters, and brand ambassadors.

Use Social Media

What was once an out-of-the-box approach to marketing, has become one of the major tools you have at your disposal – social media. Find out influencers within your industry with great following on various social networks, and make sure you interact with them regarding your event. Influencer and peer recommendations work wonders when it comes to marketing.

Create Pop-Ups And Landing Pages

Create a pop-up form on your event website to direct potential event attendees to a dedicated event page. It is highly effective – content used on these pages is a crucial factor that determines if people will get pulled in. However, your efforts won’t succeed if there are no clear calls to action – you can’t have landing pages that promote the event, but don’t urge the audience to register or sign up. You have to make sure that when attendees and prospects land on your page, they understand immediately what the offer is and how they can take action.

Go Live

Live streaming is one the latest trends in event marketing, where you get to interact directly with your target audience and invite them to the upcoming event. There are various platforms to go live on such as Facebook and YouTube. Use this opportunity to give your audience a peek into what lies ahead and make a compelling pitch about why they shouldn’t miss out on attending the event.

Take Advantage Of Sponsors And Associates

Corporate events are made successful due to collaborations and partnerships with sponsors and associates. Remember that power of community is what matters, so it definitely bodes well for you to put the spotlight on your sponsors and speak about their contribution to event. This move can help to retain them as sponsors in future, while garnering positive publicity. If you are lucky, it might lead to reciprocal mentions and links.

Promote Heavily

Depending upon your budget, you need to use multiple mediums and channels to show people what a great time they will have at the event. Promotional videos, images, radio ads, print ads, etc, are great resources to excite your audience. Offer sneak peaks (could be visual or text) to give a feel of what the main event will be! Let your target audience understand that the event will be a memorable and rewarding experience, so they get convinced about attending it. Facebook and LinkedIn offer affordable and effective ways to reach out to the target audience, by implanting suitable ads that can be a great “call to action” as well.

The idea is simple – you should let your audience know that they will lose out on something valuable if they don’t come. It is called creating the emotion of “fear of missing out”! These event marketing tips should come in handy for achieving the end goal, although you might need to tweak some of them depending upon the type of event.