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A Few Common Mistakes When Organizing Corporate Events

There is no such thing as an easy plan to organize a corporate event. Sure, there are streamlined processes and step-by-step guides and things like an event app that may make the workload seem lighter, but the average corporate event takes effort to pull off. It is probably because of the seemingly endless stream of duties required to get the job done that a few mistakes have developed along the way. Luckily for you, we have listed the top mistakes to avoid below.

  • Whaddayah Mean By Over Budget?

Hey, it’s all well and good to plan the World’s Most Amazing Corporate Event but since someone is responsible for all the bills associated with it, you need to learn a bit about budgeting. Essentially, it’s a numbers game. You have a dollar figure to spend and your goal is not to exceed that – by a whole other big number. The thing is, it’s pretty easy to suddenly find yourself way over budget long before all the details are set in stone. So, be sure you have a budget that allows for some pretty incredible features and pretend you are spending your own money and that should help keeping you on track and under budget.

  • Venues Are Always Available In This Town

Sure, you may think that now but by the time you get to organizing your big event, don’t be surprised if nothing is available for the date that has been chosen. This is as good a place as any to mention how important it is to have a list of dates to work with when seeking a venue. Secondly, it also is a good time to note that booking ahead is always a good idea. The last thing you want to do is search on a conference app only to discover that the Shriner’s are in town the weekend of your event and have booked every available room, hall and conference center.

  • Rain Or Shine Only Works With Yard Sales
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This should go without saying but, if your big day happens to be built around an outdoor venue, the weather is going to have an impact on the overall corporate event. Sure, maybe where you live there’s only three days of measurable precipitation per year but the odds increase when there are large events hosted in the great outdoors. A slim chance of showers can quickly turn into a hurricane in the blink of an eye. This is why you need to pay close attention to your trusted weather app in the weeks, days and hours leading up to the event. Oh, and having an indoor Plan B would really be a good parachute to have handy as well.

  • All Vendors Are The Same, Regardless Of The Event

Okay, here’s a scenario for you. The corporate event you are planning is for a multi-national company that sells vegan products globally. You used your handy corporate event app through the planning process and have everything in place in time for set up. But you didn’t bother to screen vendors because you figured that since your event is being held in the most prestigious location in the city that it would attract the right combination of vendors. Well, you got a combination alright ranging from hunting and fishing gear retailers to BBQ manufacturers and even the NRA selling memberships and offering tips on killing just about anything on four legs. That would be a fail. Planning the event should include invites to selected vendors who would fit with the theme of the corporate event.

  • As Is, Where Is Should Be Good Enough

Question for you: When you bought your car, did you take it for a test drive? Did you just buy it off the lot without even looking at it? Well, picking the venue for your corporate event is important. So much so, that you really should take the time to inspect it before you sign on the dotted line. We’re not talking a fine toothed comb inspection, but you do need to know that the roof isn’t leaking and that the toilets do flush.

Any Further Questions?

Corporate event planning takes some skill and science. You really can’t succeed at it just by winging it. Sure, you may fluke your way through one, but if you are supposed to make this the event everyone is going to talk about for the rest of the year, it better be because it was so awesome and not because it sucked so bad.