Event Planning

Choosing The Right Event Venue

One of the most challenging parts to planning any event is the selection of the venue to host it in. It’s complicated and easy at the same time. Well, that is if you know what you are looking for and how to get it when you need it. Here are a few helpful tips to aid with that.

1 – When To Start Looking For The Venue?

If you haven’t already booked one, you really need to work on this part as early in the process as you can. Once you have a budget, an estimation on how many people will be attending the event and the amount of space needed to hold the event, you can start looking for the venue.

2 – The Location 

Depending on where you live and the community the event is being hosted in, you may not have as much to choose from as in other places. The location of your event can be either indoor or outdoor, but has to be within a distance that is reasonable for the attendees to travel.

3 – The Parking 

The number of vehicles that are going to be used by those who attend your event need to have a place to sit. You may need additional parking if the venue does not provide enough spaces. Or, you may want to provide rides to and from your event to ease up on parking.

4 – The Capacity 

You will have to closely monitor the limits in place for the venue. This is because local fire regulations will dictate how many people you will be able to legally – and safely – fit into the space you booked for this event. Ignoring these codes is irresponsible regardless of the event.

5 – The Amenities 

If your event is going to require food, then you may want to book a venue that has a kitchen. Plus, will you need tables, chairs and linens for your event? Some venues have these and others don’t. If your event requires audio/visual, the venue should have this capability as well. 

6 – The Insurance 

Don’t forget that your event should have insurance coverage. In fact, if you don’t have this, your list of available venues becomes very small in a hurry. Your local insurance broker can give you the advice on how to best cover your event protecting all parties involved.

7 – The Cost 

Your budget is going to be able to assist most with the question as to whether or not you can afford to host your event. However, if that is not a problem, then you will need to work out payment arrangements and date – or alternate dates – with the venue owner/booking agent.

Need Some Additional Assistance?

Finding a venue for a special occasion is a lot easier than it may first appear. There are several online event apps that can do pretty much anything related to the planning and execution of a special event. If you have taken care of all the important steps as part of your organization leading up to the actual day of the special occasion, everything should go well.