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How To Leverage Data To Plan Bigger And Better Events

There is no dearth of stress in the life of an event manager. With every event you host, the pressure mounts to make the next one bigger, better, and more exciting. However, planning and managing a bigger and better event doesn’t have to be stressful as you can leverage data to help you in this.

How data can give you an edge in planning better events?

Every event that you host creates tonnes of data for you. This data, when analyzed in the right way can give you insights about how successful you were and also how you can get better.  Let us see how you can collect data and analyze it to improve yourself.

Sign up vs. number of attendees

This is the easiest data to collect and make use of. These two metrics give event managers valuable information. The comparison between the number of signups and attendees will tell you how successful you were. If the signup numbers are high it indicates your marketing activities paid well. However, if the attendance was significantly low you have to find out why some people couldn’t attend the event.

There can be simple reasons like they couldn’t find the time. There can be another reason that they changed their mind because the event didn’t excite them sufficiently. This is where you have to look closely and work hard to make your events more compelling for everyone to attend.

Analyze your online content

Your event app or website contains loads of data that you can leverage. Use tools like Google Analytics to find out how much time your viewers are spending on your website. You can get data related to the time they spent on a particular page, the bounce rate and conversion rate. Armed with this information, you can easily decipher which content was most liked and led to the conversions.

Feedback surveys

Collecting feedback surveys has become the norm nowadays. In most cases, the participants fill this up at the end of the event or submit it through emails or event app after a few days. This qualitative data has to be analyzed carefully to know what the attendees felt about the event. You can get their feedback on the quality of the venue, the speakers, how the participants enjoyed or what did they like most.

You can always include questions like how to improve or what they expect from you in the future. This is the area where you need to focus to make your events more interesting and successful.

The social media

 A wealth of information is waiting here to be unearthed.  Take a note of the things people are saying about the event. Are these comments positive or negative? What do they think about the topics or the entertainment quotient?

A lot of data is available at your disposal that can help you to plan better events. There are event apps, like those by HostEvent, that provide a lot of information and even surveys for event managers. Use all these data sources to plan your next event and see how people rave about it.