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Technology Options To Rely On When Organizing An Event

The complexity of the average personal event, seminar or meeting continues to increase. Thankfully, technology has continued to keep pace and provide some very innovative options for these events. If you are seeking a new technology solution that will help push your planned event over the top, then you will find the suggestions here to your liking.

Projection Mapping

What’s this essentially is the use of a number of projectors to create an augmented reality experience. Sure, projectors are not really new technology. We’ll give you that one. However, when used in projection mapping, you can light up any kind of surface and turn it into a 3D interactive display. It beats shooting an image of a chart onto a white surface all to pieces.

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Where this technology option really shines is that it basically transforms boring surfaces into optical illusions in a cost effective manner. This means that the only thing limiting how you use it is your imagination. Need a social media wall? Poof! How about an interactive art display? No problem. This concept works in any size convention or event as it is scalable.

Event Diagramming

Think of this as the software equivalent of a blueprint. Well, sort of. With event diagramming software you can basically draw out all the elements you will need for a venue long before you set foot in that venue. You can get as detailed as you need showing locations of vendor booths, backstage requirements, catering and so much more. It’ll make planning much easier.

Not only can you ‘build’ your event digitally, you’ll have the ability to take a 3D walkthrough to ensure everything fits and all sightlines are correct. Again, before you get someone to actually do the heavy lifting part. Not only will this innovation save you time, it’ll make your planning far more efficient with a layout to scale before anyone starting unpacking their stuff.

Branded Apps

Hey, you’ve already heard the phrase ‘There’s an app for that” and it is actually a true statement. With event planning becoming a bigger and bigger business and drawing potential customers to an event becoming more of a challenge, event apps have come to the rescue. With the use of multi-use branded apps like HostEvent, you can engage with attendees on levels that did not exist before.

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Have a trade show booth where visitors who are really interested in your product want to find out more? Well, you could just hand out brochures or you could have all kinds of stuff integrated into the trade show app. It will connect you to customers quicker and build a bond while they are still on the premises. Branded event apps are changing how we interact and are great tools.

The Idea Is To Make Things Easier On You And Your Event Planning

Because you want attendees of your event to actually have an ‘experience’ you have to turn to technology for assistance. Fortunately, new technology offers several options to assist with your planning and with the interactive elements that permit engagement with your event attendees.