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Using Event App For Corporate Conferences

Hosting a corporate conference can be very stressful. Not only do you have to put a lot of work into finding the right materials, but you also need to find a way to share them with the attendees. You need to have a good schedule and you have to stick to it as well.

There’s a lot of work that goes into this, and it is a nice idea to make the process simpler. And that may be a good reason for you to use the HostEvent app for all corporate conferences. Our solution allows you to create an event app specifically for your conferences and customize it based on your needs. Here are some good reasons why!

Your team can start collaborating before the event

Most of the time your team before the business event works in isolated silos as everyone have to fulfill their own specific tasks. By creating a mobile app with HostEvent, you get to eliminate the pressures, have team members work collaboratively and focus on achieving results more than anything else.

Private messaging

Using this app for your business conference allows you to enable private messaging between team members. As a result, they can connect with the event attendees in no time, and drive better engagement between themselves.

It’s easy to manage event attendees

It’s important to know how many people will attend the conference in the first place. That’s why we recommend you to use a mobile app created via HostEvent. You can make it easy for the attendees to register, and you can even have multiple registration options if you want to.

Agenda sharing

Thanks to the mobile app, you can share the conference schedule and agenda as well. The app can also allow every attendee to create his own profile. Of course, you can add guidelines for everything such as interests, introductions, conference location, and company role and so on. Moreover people can read the content and see the entire agenda before they come to the conference event.


A mobile app created via HostEvent can also be used for surveys. You can create and share surveys before and also after the business meeting. It’s a nice and convenient way to acquire insights and also receive feedback. It’s simple, efficient and it does tend to work very well in this situation. This can also be a good solution to track the overall conference engagement.

Start discussions

Every app can include a QA forum or a Facebook like activity if you want to. This leads to some amazing benefits and results in the long run, which can easily be adapted to suit your specific needs. That will make the process fast and easy, and the return on investment will be second to none all the time.

Introducing guests is a lot easier

And it all comes down to the Speakers feature. This feature can be used to showcase new speakers and their role as well. It’s better to showcase any speaker or guest information beforehand, as everyone will know who all are there and their backgrounds. That will make it easier to break the ice and encourage conversations as well.

In addition, an event organizer app for your conference meeting can also track engagement via the leaderboard feature, not to mention the facility to  share videos and images from old events. One thing is certain, if you create an app with HostEvent you will make every corporate conference a lot more interesting and vibrant. Don’t hesitate and check out our platform if you want to create a custom app for your conference!