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8 Reasons Why You Should Use HostEvent App For Your Personal Events

Doing and hosting a personal event is an exciting moment in everyone’s life. But at the same time, this can also be quite frustrating and arduous. There are lots of tasks that you need to deal with, and many times this can end up spending a lot of time and effort. It is a good idea to ease the pressure, which you can do that with the help from the HostEvent event management platform. You can use it to create a dedicated app for your personal events right away!

It’s easy to know who will attend your event

A great thing about our platform is that it has a dedicated registration/RSVP feature. That way you know exactly who comes to the event and you can have a complete guest list without a lot of hassle.

Share details about your event

Not everyone will know the event location, the time they need to arrive, and whether they have to bring anything and so on. Thanks to the HostEvent platform, you can create an app that shares all event information. That way guests install the app and learn everything. It saves a lot of time that you would normally spend on phone calls. You can also update the event information and notes in no time if you have such a feature!

Distributing images is easier

You can also use the app to share all the images from the event a lot easier. The results are impressive since you can have a single link with all the images and videos without any hassle. 

Private messaging

If you want to send a message to a certain guest or a group of guests, you can do that via the event planner applications as well. The feature is very handy, and it helps you better organize the event in no time. 

Pre-event engagement

An application like the HostEvent app can also integrate Facebook-like activity streams. These are amazing for event pre-engagement with family and friends.

Sending surveys and notifications

It’s a lot easier to connect with the guests and share any surveys or notifications via a dedicated party planner app. The process is fast and convenient, and you always get to save time since you can interact with all guests at the same time.

Special pages

Since you are creating an app for personal events, you can create special pages for your family members or important people for that particular event. It’s a great way to showcase the important persons that created the event in the first place. 

Track the most active participants

When you create an app via HostEvent, you can also have a leaderboard added to it. This way you can track the most active participants during your event. You can track the engagement via forum and quizzes or surveys too. 

As you can see, using an event organizer for your personal events is a very good idea. If you need such an app, HostEvent will be able to assist. The platform offers you all the tools you may require to create an outstanding mobile app for your event in no time. It’s fast, efficient and it brings a professional allure to your event!