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How To Make Your Business Event An Unforgettable Experience

Thousands of business conferences are held annually across the country. Being able to attend one or more related to your specific industry or interests is always good for exposure and to build contacts. But what else do you remember about any of the vendors you met at these conferences? They are all battling for your attention, but if you can’t recall one from the other, it didn’t work. If you are a vendor and you can relate to this, here are a few pointers from HostEvent to help you stand out.

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Blow Them Away With A Bitchin’ Display

Hey, your booth is your space to impress potential customers. You have pretty much full rein on what you can stick in your booth. As long as it’s not going to cause a fire or hurt someone, the range is vast and the goal should be to grab people’s attention long before they get anywhere near your booth. You can start with a custom floor plan that is different to all the other booths.

Dress Your Tables With Custom Covers

It’s a simple idea that will pay huge dividends in the end. The tables you use don’t need to be fancy, but what you cover them with should be dynamic. The table coverings should have your company colors and a giant logo on it that can’t be missed. What custom table covers say is that you are a professional company that knows how to conduct business. Try it.

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Personalized Tent

Cover your display with a tent that has your company name and logo all over it. This way you clearly define your space and you’ve stamped it with your company branding. That will stand out and get you noticed from across the room if you design it just right and the lighting is perfect. Plus, a tent makes your booth appear like a special private little area that must be visited.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Pulling eyes away from other vendors takes some subtle tactics and signage is a handy one. Banners of all sizes and shapes are a good magnet in this type of setting. Even post signs outside of the venue (if you are permitted) to tell people you are inside and where they can find you. Don’t forget to use a personal events app to promote your business as being at this and other events.

Goody Bags

Everyone loves a goody bag. It’s the best way to get your message or samples of your products into the hands of those who are passing by or walking into your booth. One way to keep your business in the minds of these attendees is with personalized tote bags that feature your logo. By using things that others can get use out of, you give new life and exposure to your logo.

Do-Dads And Gadgets

Whatever kind of items you can stick your logo or company name on and giveaway will keep you in people’s minds. Pens, hats, stress balls, phone chargers, mugs and more can be used in such a way that your name will be carried around the conference floor by others which helps your marketing in such a way that you can reach more, new potential customers.

Be Remembered At The Next Conference

Need to stand out from all the other vendors clogging up the conference hall? These tricks will help to inspire you to go bigger and brighter in an effort to be remembered the next time you set up a booth at a conference. They take work, but it is so worth it if you do this right.