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A Few Major Trends Of Corporate Events In 2019

Remember when a corporate retreat to a tropical destination was considered trendy? Well, for a while it was and when popular, the activity served a purpose. You know, team building, getting to know the guys in the suits on a personal level and figuring out who worked best with who. It was more than a vacation: it was a working holiday that was meant to enhance your days back in the cubicle. Well, those days have come and gone.

Here are a few of the current event trends being rolled out in the corporate world.

Being Positive

Sure, it sounds like an old idea but the trend this time around hinges on brands standing up for the issues they believe in. So, in a way, if a company supports something you believe in, chances are you’ll feel good about using that product. The upside here is that in order to be more transparent, companies which take a stand are now working towards solutions to the issues they support. It gives the whole idea of being supportive a financial and moral commitment.

Ecosystem Building

You know how team building helps everyone in the office find a better fit? You’ve seen it. The ‘tribe’ system at work tends to work in building people up and providing a support network. Trends these days lean towards the maintenance of those tribes we’ll call ecosystems. Meetings filled with communication opportunities help with this and show that the company cares about the delicate balance that keeps the mailroom ticking.

Maintaining Well-being

We know what you’re thinking but read on. Although personal enlightenment is essentially a personal path, companies recognize the importance of providing the tools to permit that path to be followed. Corporate events now include elements to address and help sustain these things to keep employees feeling relevant and valued. Without this compassionate approach, staff retention and office culture suffers the biggest impact which also hits the bottom line.


Thanks to the continuing explosion of the gaming industry, corporate trends are slowly shifting into this territory. The use of game consoles not only helps with team building, it provides problem solving opportunities, de-stressing, learning and even ice breaking possibilities in the workplace. By introducing gaming to an office, the mood changes and everything shifts into an alternate reality that sometimes ends up helping with issues in the actual reality.

Tech Matters

New technology is always swirling around us. By integrating it on a regular basis it keeps your company on track and competitive. For staff, new technology can help with tasks making them more efficient. New tech also assists employees with improving their skills making them more valuable in the workplace. By not keeping up with innovations in technology, your company will fail on many different levels so the need to be the part of this trend is paramount.

Trends Are Not Always A Bad Thing

It’s true: trends are usually the indicator of things that are being embraced and growing in popularity. By jumping the wave of any trend, you provide an opportunity for change that can be controlled but may be necessary. Trends also reveal weaknesses that can be remedied once identified. Being open to exploring new event trends and IT solutions is the all important first step to take.